Machiguenga Survival Academy

What’s that?

This is not a standard tour to selva for ordinary tourists. This is a real Machiguenga survival course in real selva!

How we do it?

The Indians of the Machiguenga tribe and the instructors from Europe will show you how to survive in selva. By using knowledge of natives and using western teaching methodology we´re providing the optimal courses for outlanders. Learning by doing – thats our motto. Hunting animals or recognising plants will become easy, with a proffesional guides.

With us you will learn how to:
  • recognize medicinal plants
  • recognize edible plants
  • catch the fish with bare hands
  • find the source of protein in river basins
  • get water from plants
  • create tools and weapons
  • hunt animals
  • transfer water
  • safely move around on selva
  • stay safe
  • and many other..

Everything is done with the “first people of selva” – Machiguenga. They live in selva everyday.

All of it you´ll experience personally, through hands-on activities, its not just a show and boring story

Green selva of Machiguenga

It´s exotic vegetation and wild animals. Through this magical world, you are led by the Machiguenga tribe. They teaches you how to obtain a healthy drinking water, which plants are edible and which one you must avoid, how to survive the night in the jungle without camping equipment. Even simple thing, like walking, may be dangerous, when done inproperly. This is a fight with your own weaknesses and wild, undocumented nature. This is not another tour, it’s an adventure of life!

Go to a place where only a few decided to go. Learn the daily struggles of true indians and become one of them!

Where it is?

Just contact us, we will arrange appointment. Most of the courses start at Cusco and we go to distant village of Koribeni.
We spend two nights in selva, where the jungle is primal. Lot of waterfalls, not seen in catalogs, known by only few. Wild nature. After the course we´re returning straight to suburbs of Cusco, there is western style house, where you regain your strength in nice surroundings.




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About us – Sobre nosotros

Survival in Peru.

Survival in Peru. We are first international academy in Peru! Native Indians of Machiguenga tribe and instructors from Europe will show you beauty and richness of Peruvian jungle.

What’s the point?

We combine Western civilization type of education with knowledge and traditions of indigenous Machiguenga. Taking experience and knowledge from people who live in selva, we want to show you what is the meaning of true nature.

Our team
How it begun..

We´ve met some time ago, on one of most challenging trips. For gringo´s it was real matter of survive in selva, but some guy´s from Peru helped them in their adventure.

Lukas was already experienced instructor and coach in eastern europe´s environment, Monika as well. But here in Peru, different world, surrounded by other civilisation and conditions they realized that they knowledge is insufficient. So they started to learn more, and more, from native people. Fortunately they met Areli and Dimas – she was good translator, he Was experienced Machiguenga Hunter, born and raised in selva. From then on they started to share knoledge about diffrent techniques and aspects of lifestyle.
As a result of this exchange, a great program has been created for people seeking true adventure. We have put together all the best-experience in survival training and knowledge of local nature and survival techniques.

That´s the long story in few word´s.

Avatar’s world at hand

How to get clean water, how to safely and comfortably spend the night in the middle of the jungle? What to eat? When you are close to nature, you’ll find it out quickly.

Adventure of life at your fingertips!


survival, sobrevivencia, supervivencia, course, machigenga, selva, jungle

Our team Areli Florezs – translator, guide Saul Aparicio – instructor, hunter Dimas Aparicio – instructor, hunter Monika Lasek – instructor, coach Lukas Tulej – instructor, coach Avatar’s world at hand How to get clean water, how to safely and comfortably spend the night in the middle of the jungle? What to eat? When you are close …